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School Psychologist 1.0 FTE

DeKalb Community School District #428


To provide psychological and educational testing, diagnosis, evaluation and interpretation data relative to students or groups of at-risk students and/or students referred for additional supports or interventions; to provide coaching and technical assistance for data-based decision making at the student, school and district levels; to provide technical assistance to the special education programs at the assigned school and/or programs; to provide supportive therapy and/or interventions services and supports for pupils; and to provide coaching and technical staff assistance to the assigned schools, programs and the director of student support services.

Receives general direction from the Executive Director of Student Support Services.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES - Duties may include, but are not limited to, the following:
·      Assist in the implementation of the goals and objectives of student support services.
·      Assist in planning, coordinating, developing, implementing, supervising and evaluating the district student support service programs, including special education programs, psychological services and data-based decision making; and assist in providing technical assistance to the Director/Coordinators.
·      Assist principals in developing, implementing and evaluating various site-based student support programs, including counseling and guidance, health services, student attendance and welfare, and student discipline, suspensions and expulsions.
·      Assist in the research, development and implementation of proactive programs and procedures to improve student-school related issues.
·      Work in conjunction with district personnel, sites, divisions and departments for early identification, intervention and prevention of school-related problems in order to improve student achievement and prevent serious or habitual behaviors; meet with appropriate staff to formulate a plan of action, and organize the program for implementation.
·      Assist students, district staff, administrators and other support personnel in identifying, supporting and resolving school related issues; acquaint students and staff in methods of modifying behaviors contributing to unsatisfactory student performance.
·      Coordinate and facilitate meetings related to school-wide or system-wide intervention planning meetings, pre-referral intervention planning meetings, and special education/IEP meetings.
·      Evaluate students to determine extent and type of services needed; administer and interpret intellectual and psychological testing as needed to assist the student; counsel, diagnose, and develop case studies of students referred by the school and student support teams.
·      Provide supportive therapy when appropriate; deliver counseling and support services to students.
·      Provide technical assistance for special education services to identified students in conjunction with Individual Education Plan (IEP) team; and lead the special education meetings at assigned site, when appropriate.
·      Organize and chair introductory and annual IEP meetings with parents of special education students, school staff and students to determine eligibility for placement for special education and related services; update data and review students’ progress.
·      Provide consultant services in the areas of data interpretation, progress monitoring, and implementation of a problem-solving model across domains
·      Provide consultant services in the areas of academic growth, social/emotional concerns, and behavior management to special education teachers, general education teachers, specialists, paraprofessionals, counselors, social workers, nurses and administrative staff.
·      Support implementation of district policy, state and federal laws in regard to special education at school sites; provide training or in-service to parents and staff with regard to special education law and compliance; advise site staff on compliance issues regarding district policy and state and federal special education law.
·      Facilitate intra-school and inter-school placement of students in special education classes.
·      Serve as a member of the Pre-Referral Intervention Team; serve as a resource person and liaison between the site, the district, non-public schools, and community agencies; make referrals to community agencies.
·      Participate in the review and development of district special education programs.
·      Provide crisis intervention as needed at school site and district.
·      Provide psychological assistance to district faculty and staff as assigned by the director of student support services or the site administrator.
·      Perform related duties as assigned.

Knowledge of:
·      Principles and practices of psychology and counseling.
·      Principles and practices of a three-tiered problem solving model of data-based decision making.
·      Linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic factors to ensure non-biased assessment.
·      Special education eligibility terms, definitions and criteria.
·      Traditional and contemporary eligibility criteria for the special education handicapping condition of specific Learning Disability, including the discrepancy model and the response-to-intervention model.
·      Curriculum-based measurement and assessment.
·      Special education services, programs, laws, rules and regulations.
·      Pertinent federal, state, and local laws, codes and regulations and compliance procedures.
·      Counseling and consulting skills, both applied and theoretical.
·      Staff development and in-service training techniques.
·      Early identification, intervention, prevention, remediation, and special education instructional methodologies.
·      Principles of clinical supervision.
·      Principles of crisis intervention.
·      Community resources and referral sources.
·      Principles and practices of organization, administration, and personnel management, including supervision, training and performance evaluation.
·      Employer-employee relations and contract administration.
·      Computer applications related to areas of specialization.
Ability to:
·      Administer a variety of psychological instruments including psychometric, projective, aptitude and ability tests.
·      Conduct educational assessment and placement.